TREE OF SABA® Golden Sea Moss Gel
TREE OF SABA® Golden Sea Moss Gel

TREE OF SABA® Golden Sea Moss Gel

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Our Tree of Saba® sea moss gels are made with St. Lucian wildcrafted golden sea moss. 100% Organic

Sea Moss’ anti-inflammatory properties work from within; its high sulfur content detoxifies the body and helps achieve gut health. It stimulates collagen for better-looking skin and stronger and healthier hair. TOS Sea Moss Gel will contribute to  a naturally youthful and radiant complexion.


Instructions: You can use our organic and restorative gel through consumption or by applying it to your skin or hair.

° Eat 1 to 2 tablespoons of the gel by itself or mix it with your favourite food or drink of choice.

° Directly apply to a clean face or damp hair or mix with other natural ingredients to create a multifaceted mask. Let it sit for 15-20 minutes, then rinse off with warm water, massaging as you go.

Store in the fridge to ensure a minimum freshness of 2 weeks or freeze to extend the life and freshness up to 3 months.




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Lycke J.
Netherlands Netherlands

Allergic reaction

Unfortunately i had an allergic reaction.. I thought i wasnt allergic because i had used a bit before last summer, but only on my skin. This time i also did put a table spoon in my green juice every morning. And i ended up having red bumps all over my body :((( Doctor told me allergic reaction to something food related and this was the only ‘new’ thing i added to my diet.

S S.
Netherlands Netherlands


Great product en service.

Sharité A.
Netherlands Netherlands

Good service, great quality!

Ik gebruik de seamoss nu een maand. Ik merk niet meteen verschil in mijn energie, huid etc. maar ik zal het de aankomende 2 maanden nog testen. De seamoss is lekker en blijft lang goed!

Quincy A.
Netherlands Netherlands


I use a tablespoon of sea moss in my food/drinks a day and I feel so energized. I also use it on my skin!

Isa M.
Netherlands Netherlands

Love it

I was afraid it would taste bad, but it has a slight lime flavour. Used one big tablespoon every day for two weeks. After 2 weeks the sea moss started smelling bad so I couldn’t use the leftovers. I would advise you to freeze in a third of the jar. This way you can enjoy the full jar. I already ran out of the 580 ml jar, so I chose to go for a subscription to get a new jar every 3 weeks. I’ve been using it too short to tell you about my overall experience, but I”ll definitely write another update! I do love how the sea moss gives you an immediate boost.